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UEG - The representative body for scaffolding in Europe

The Union of European Scaffolding Contractors (UEG) is the representative body for the interests of the scaffolding industry in Europe. It was founded on 25 October 2008.

The membership is comprised of national scaffolding industry organisations from Germany, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, France, Luxembourg and Bulgaria.

Information about the organisational structure of the UEG is available here.

The aims of the UEG:

  • The collation, representation and promotion of common technical, human, commercial, social and cultural interests of member organisations at a European level
  • The development of comparable and general standards in scaffolding
  • The evaluation of European legislative processes in respect of their effect on scaffolding
  • The provision of expert representation to European bodies
  • The facilitation of permanent links and exchanges between the members - a European network for scaffolding

History 2007-2018:

Congress of European scaffolding organisations in Prague

Foundation of the UEG

Establishment of a network in Brussels

Development of standardisation by UEG

UEG becomes an associate member of UEAPME (SMEunited) and a full member of NORMAPME

Provision of a scaffolding expert to the permanent committee CEN/TC 53

Recruitment of five associate members and one full member. Expanding the scope of information
by regular UEG reports and expansion of the internet presence.
UEG becomes member of the new founded association Small business Standards (SBS)

Accession of a new associate member. Draft of a Practical Guideline

Recruitment of the Swedish scaffolding association STIB and three associate members

Completion of the Practical Guideline for the supply/provision and use of working and protective scaffolds

Start of the new project "risk assessment"

The UEG is represented in the SBS (Small Business Standards) board by its vice president.
Recrutement of two associate members

Instructors' Meeting: Exchange of instructors of all member countries

Provision of a second scaffolding expert to the permanent committee CEN/TC 53

Benefits of Membership

Membership of the UEG offers a number of benefits. Members can:

Receive information
The UEG receives information about new developments in the European Union via its network and membership of other organisations at European level. These need to be considered for their possible effects on the scaffolding industry.

As a result UEG members receive direct information about matters such as what measures the EU are planning and what their effects on the respective countries might be.

Gain influence
Through the UEG a significant part of the scaffolding market in Europe is represented. Through the UEG the concerns of the scaffolding industry find a voice in European institutions. Through prompt circulation of information during the development of draft regulations issues relevant to scaffolding can be considered.

Exchange of experience and information
During meetings of the UEG there is a regular forum for the exchange of information and experience between the member organisations. Co-operation to date has shown that Europe is a „treasure chest“ of experience with all the associated advantages that offers.

In addition to the national scaffolding organisations of individual countries, natural or corporate entities which are involved in the scaffolding industry are warmly invited to consider the benefits of membership:

If you would like to apply for membership or would like further information about the UEG, contact details are provided here.