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Benefits of membership

Membership in the UEG offers many advantages. Thus members can…

Get information

Through its network and membership of other organizations at European level, the UEG receives information on new developments in the EU, which are checked and filtered for possible effects on scaffolding. In this way, UEG members are directly informed about what measures are planned in the EU and what impact this may have on their country.

Gain influence

UEG represents a considerable part of the scaffolding market in Europe. In the UEG community, the concerns of the scaffolding industry are heard by European institutions. By providing information in good time when regulations are being drafted, the specific requirements of scaffolding can be taken into account as early as the drafting stage of rules and regulations.

Exchange experiences

The meetings of the UEG bodies regularly provide a forum for the exchange of information and experience among the respective member countries. Cooperation to date has shown that Europe offers a veritable “treasure chest” of experience and the associated stimuli.

In addition to the scaffolding associations of the individual countries, natural persons or legal entities with professional or economic ties to the scaffolding trade are cordially invited to convince themselves of the advantages of membership.

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