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Common practical guideline for the provision and use of working and protective scaffolds

General information/introduction

In almost all the member states, scaffolds are erected using prefabricated components (scaffolding systems). In the UK, the majority of working scaffolds are erected with tube and fittings. The technical requirements regarding scaffolding are mainly based on European Standards (EN) that are transposed into national standards (e.g. BS EN, DIN EN) by the member states. It should be considered that there are national annexes and national standards. In addition to the specifications laid down in the standards, occupational health and safety regulations must be complied with. These are mainly based on the EC framework directives, regarding requirements for the use of work equipment such as 89/391/EEC, 2001/45/EC, 2009/104/EC. These are transposed into national law by the member countries. It should also be considered that there are/may be additional and supplementary provisions in individual member countries. This guide is intended for working and protective scaffolds. It contains information regarding planning and proper erection of scaffolds, taking into consideration regulations, standards, and work instructions that are suitable for the intended use.

1.1 Scope

This guide shall apply to the assembly, alteration, dismantling and use of working and protective scaffolds. The guide provides information to be considered during risk assessment.
The guide shall not apply to falsework, horizontally movable platforms including mobile access towers, encapsulation construction and similar design types such as suspended or cantilevered scaffolds.

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