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March 2023

UEG-Report 02/2023

The UEG Report is published three to four times a year and informs you about current events in CEN TC 53, the standardization committee for scaffolding at European level, and other relevant topics in scaffolding, as well as internal association events.

Important information

Member of the UEG

You are a European national scaffolding association and want to be active on a European level? Become a UEG member. Are you a manufacturer, dealer, importer, or a supplier of scaffolding products, or a service provider for scaffolding? Maybe a UEG associate membership would be interesting for you?

Safety at work

“Code of Practice” for “Safety and Health in Construction” of the International Labor Organization (ILO) from 1992 is revised. This guide claims to represent the Code of Practice in matters of safety and health on construction sites worldwide. UEG has the opportunity to participate in this through a mirror committee.

UEG Events

Next event: Working Committee “European Regulations” on 26. June in Cologne

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28. October: Working Committee “European Regulations” in Salzburg

25. November: General Assembly and Working Committee “European Regulations” in Cologne

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