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The representative body for scaffolding in Europe

About us

The Union of European Scaffolding Companies (UEG) represents the interests of the scaffolding industry in Europe. It was founded on October 25, 2008. Its members are national scaffolding associations from Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, France and Luxembourg. Information on the organizational structure of the UEG is available here.

The aims of
the UEG

  • The collation, representation and promotion of common technical, human, commercial, social and cultural interests of member organisations at a European level

  • The development of comparable and general standards in scaffolding

  • The evaluation of European legislative processes in respect of their effect on scaffolding

  • The provision of expert representation to European bodies

  • The facilitation of permanent links and exchanges between the members – a European network for scaffolding


Foundation of the UEG
UEG becomes an associate member of UEAPME (today: SMEunited)
Delegation of an expert to the standardization committee responsible for scaffolding (CEN/TC 53)
UEG becomes a member of SBS (Small Business Standards)
Completion of the Practical Guideline for the supply/provision and use of working and protective scaffolds
Instructors’ Meeting: Exchange of instructors of all member countries
Provision of a second scaffolding expert to the permanent committee CEN/TC 53. Publication of the practical guide “Risk assessment”.