UEG – The representative body for scaffolding in Europe

The Chair is elected every second year at the General Assembly. Since October 2020 the Chair consist of Geir Gule from Norway (SEF), Robin James from Great Britain (NASC) and Marc Herkes from Luxembourg (FECEL).

The General Secretariat has its seat in Germany (Cologne). General Secretary is Sabrina Luther. Deputy General Secretary is Hannah Monreal.


Geir Gule — President, Norway (SEF)
Robin James — Vice President Economy and Law, United Kingdom (NASC)
Marc Herkes — Vice President Engineering, Luxembourg (FECEL)

General Secretariat

Hannah Monreal — Secretary General, Germany (Cologne)
Sabrina Luther — Consulter, Germany (Cologne)

organisational structure
of the UEG

The organs of the UEG are the General Assembly and the chair. The chair consists of the President, Geir Gule, and two Vice-Presidents: A Vice-President for the field of economics and law, Robin James, and a Vice-President for the field of engineering, Marc Herkes. The members of the chair have to belong to different European countries.

In addition to the active Working Committee “European Regulations”, further Working Groups can be appointed by the chair on a temporary basis to deal with key issues.