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WORKING Committees

Working Committees are planned for the areas of engineering, economy and law, and European Regulations. The “European Regulations” Working Committee is currently active.

Working Committee „European Regulations“

The convening and chairing of the Working Committee “European Regulations” is done by the President and the UEG SBS Expert(s).

The Working Committee focuses on topics of the European standards committee CEN TC 53. In addition, temporary working groups can be formed. The last working group dealt intensively with the subject of “risk assessment” and drew up a practical guideline on “risk assessment”.

The Working Committee “European Regulations” is also the UEG SBS Mirror Committee.

In the UEG SBS Mirror Committee, the UEG members define a common, sensible strategic approach with regard to the votes in the European standardization body CEN/TC 53. Since many members of the Mirror Committee also have voting rights in CEN/TC 53 for their national standardization bodies, the influence of the UEG is not insignificant:

Cooperation in European standardization

Staff composition of the working committee

The staff composition of the working committee “European Regulations” consists of two representatives of the respective full members and one representative of the respective guest members.

The Working Committee is convened and chaired by the President and the expert(s).

The current composition of the Working Committee “European Regulation”:


Since 2012, UEG has delegated one expert and since 2020 even two experts to the standardization committee CEN/TC 53 responsible for scaffolding.

Karsten Weise and Ken Johnson sit as UEG/SBS experts in CEN TC 53.

Karsten Weise

UEG/SBS Expert

Ken Johnson

UEG/SBS Expert

Practical Guidelines

The European Regulations Working Group has produced the following two guides: Joint Guideline for the Provision and Use of Working and Protective Scaffolds and Stationary Scaffolds as Facade Scaffolds made of Prefabricated Components and Steel Tubes and Couplings.


Here you can find all the Working Groups of the Technical Committee.

Information CEN >

More information about the active Working Groups WG3, WG4, WG10 and WG16 can be found in the reports of our experts.


In the field of training, the next meeting is scheduled for November 12 at the newly established training center in Stockholm.

The last meeting between instructors from all national member associations took place in September 2019 at the Hansemann Training Center of the Dortmund Chamber of Crafts (HWK). The instructors presented the training systems in the different countries. An information matrix about the training in the member associations was created.